A christian pilgrImage JOURNEY in jordan

By Fadi Shawkat Haddad


For nearly twenty years guiding tourist groups in Jordan, I was always asked if there is a book that contains the information concerning the Christian and Biblical sites and stories we usually talk about. This encouraged me to try and gather, as much as possible, not only history and Bible references, but also photographs that make the journey more interesting. The idea developed to trying to participate in documenting some sites, especially ancient churches. I am not an archaeologist, but I tried to combine archaeological simple descriptions with the possible Biblical relation.

“A Christian Pilgrimage Journey in JORDAN” is a guidebook, written for Christian pilgrims, that takes you on a journey throughout Jordan. Each site is studied for its Christian and Biblical connections as well as its remains, which are documented by photographs taken especially for this research. Full texts of references from the Bible and the sites’ geographical coordinates are included to help you learn the background in the Bible as well as find your way to the site during your visit to Jordan.